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NWM-74 Series: Carbide Coated

drawringsdraw spoolsFor the drawing of non ferrous metals, especially copper and its alloys, we manufacture a special quality coating which is alloyed to the base material in a vacuum. The high, fine-spread portions of hard metals - mainly carbides, borides and silicates - guarantee extremely wear-resistance working surfaces. The result: absolutely reliable drawing rings and cones with an attractive price/performance relation.


• Variable layer thickness up to 1.5mm for the rough draw range, therefore repeatedly regrindable
• Hardness of the carbides HV = 2,900 - 4,600 kp/mm"
• Draw surface diamond-ground and polished
• Roughness standard < 0.10 µm Ra standard, < 0.05 µm Ra if required
• Maintenance-friendly and uncomplicated, without screw, glue or plug connections
• Compact and robust
• Insensitive to crash and breakage
• Insensitive to thermic shock



Please download the PDF below for more information.


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